5 reasons to integrate a blog into your SEO strategy

seo maroc

We can never repeat it enough, integrating a blog into its SEO strategy has become almost indispensable. There are many reasons today for business leaders to add a blog to their website.

To boost your visibility or to stand out from the competition, it is essential to communicate about your company, your products and / or your services.

In this article, we will see why the blog is a tool of choice for all those wishing to increase their traffic and generate more leads.

  • What is a blog?
  • What is the difference between a blog and a website?
  • The Benefits of Creating a Blog

seo maroc

What is a blog?

Blog is the abbreviation of an English compound word “Web log”, which means “Journal”. It is used to describe the periodic publication of articles on a digital medium.

The blog quickly met with great success thanks to its innovative and intuitive nature. Used wisely, it allows you to communicate effectively on your company and your activity. It offers great editorial freedom and interaction with visitors, thanks to the possibility of posting comments on each article. The blog allows you to publish articles instantly or schedule them for future publication.

Having become an essential ally for marketing and communications officers, the blog still has a bright future ahead of it and is now an integral part of an effective SEO strategy.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

Too many companies are content with a website that does not optimize their visibility enough.

Considering that a website is a set of resources accessible via a web address, called a URL, that it is hosted on a web server and that it allows text and multimedia content to be published, a blog is a website.

The blog is a type of website, in which it is possible to publish articles, also called posts, in chronological order.

Initially reserved for professional bloggers, companies now use it to communicate on their activity. Storytelling, news publications, product communication… Everything is possible with a blog. Naturally, the blog can be integrated into commercial sites as well as showcase sites.

You will understand, the business blog is an SEO lever not to be overlooked!


The Benefits of Creating a Blog

Creating a blog has many advantages, I think the main ones are:

  • Optimize your natural referencing: indeed, via a blog you can work on many keywords
  • Generate qualified traffic: in addition to generating traffic, we will be able to attract the visitors we want to target
  • Convert traffic to leads: the blog is the perfect place to generate leads, in particular through the implementation of an Inbound Marketing strategy
  • Boost notoriety: who says traffic says notoriety, necessarily!
  • Improving the brand image: the blog, if it is associated with a good content strategy will improve its brand image
  • Attract new customers
  • Customer loyalty

I could cite other advantages, in my opinion the creation of a blog for a company cannot be discussed: it is an obligation!

Now let’s take a closer look at the top 5 reasons to start a blog.


  1. The blog improves your visibility

Creating a business blog is a great way to optimize your visibility on digital media. Appearing prominently on the list of actions to generate to boost its natural referencing; the blog has become an interesting added value and, moreover, easy to set up.

Creating relevant content is the number 1 key point of any self-respecting SEO strategy. Creating a blog will allow you to publish quality content and use keywords corresponding to your industry. The keywords correspond to queries, searched by Internet users.


  1. The generation of backlinks

Having a blog worked and optimized is the assurance of seeing its traffic increase. Thanks to the creation of new quality pages on the one hand, but also through the generation of backlinks.

Backlinks are links from site A pointing to site B and increase the authority of a website, and therefore its visibility.

If your articles are interesting, you will get inbound links spontaneously to your site. Backlinks allow Google bots to see the relevance of a website.

  1. Added value for the customer

The creation of a blog is not only part of an SEO issue. It also has real added value for your customers.

A true showcase of your activity, the blog is useful for showing the human side of a business and for giving shape to a company. Like social networks, the blog conveys the values ​​of the company and helps create a real relationship of trust with customers and future customers.

It also makes it possible to answer frequently asked questions and, as a result, to help the customer in their navigation journey. Company blog posts are considered high value branded content.

Thanks to the blog, the company can demonstrate its expertise to its customers and build a solid brand image.


  1. Improve your internal network with your corporate blog

Internal networking consists of creating internal links, that is to say creating links to strategic pages of your website.

These links should be created in the most natural way possible, to avoid being penalized by Google. To do this, rationalize the number of links per page and vary the anchors as much as possible.

A good internal mesh should make it possible to give juice to the most important pages of your site. On your blog, you can make links pointing to products or categories of products that you want to push.


  1. Strengthen your image with relevant and optimized content

The blog is a very interesting source of traffic acquisition. The denser the sound, the more pages of the site will be displayed in the search results (SERP). However, no question of poster to poster!

Google has a powerful algorithm that can detect poor quality content as well as companies that “cheat”. Techniques aimed at deceiving bots – known as “black hat SEO techniques” – are increasingly being spotted by the largest search engine, although new ones are popping up every day.


As you can see, the creation of a blog has become almost essential in an SEO strategy and also has a commercial and marketing dimension.

Improving SEO, strengthening customer relationships and promoting a positive brand image are all things that the corporate blog can do.

Also, natural referencing is a long-term job. If you are rigorous and that you regularly feed your blog with quality content, you will see the benefits on the traffic of your site in the following months. Patience!