A secure website with a WAF Firewall


A WAF Firewall is a filter placed in front of your application. This filter is used to inspect incoming traffic for threats and malicious activity. This is one of the best ways to counter attacks.

Securing your web applications is a necessity these days. Failure to protect yourself can have harmful consequences for your business in the event of hacks.

WAF Firewall deployment option

At the time, WAF Firewalls were deployed in a company’s data centers. However, the solution was installed locally and did not provide overall security for an enterprise. In fact, since customers wanted more flexibility and flexibility, WAF Firewalls were no longer enough to protect a company from possible attacks.

To remedy this, companies are increasingly turning to WAF Firewalls to protect their cloud servers. In addition, this option helps identify and mitigate malicious traffic. Indeed, this kind of traffic can try to damage, delete but also steal sensitive data.

It is an attractive and easy-to-implement solution for small businesses.

Advantage of the WAF Firewall

One of the main advantages of a WAF Firewall is that it is possible to adjust the firewall rules. This is important when you know that hackers are looking for the slightest flaw to disrupt a network or steal sensitive information.

Even today, from what we can see, security is not necessarily the goal of all companies. Most data theft is the result of negligent security on the part of a company. Many do not update their websites or servers, which can leave the door open to all forms of hacking. However, it is true that it takes time and resources to effectively secure this data.

The solution to this problem is a managed security offering that accompanies your web hosting. The WAF Firewall allows the identification and removal of critical vulnerabilities.

A powerful application firewall can be an incredible first line of defense against malicious people trying to damage your website. This is a very complete Firewall which will allow you to:

  • Very easily manage your network filtering rules thanks to an interface
  • Reduce Exposure Zones and exclude certain countries or geographic areas with which you do not work.
  • Deploy secure VPN access: IPSec, SSL and many other supported protocols.

Compared to a conventional network firewall, the WAF Firewall allows to add an additional layer of security. With a few clicks, it can protect you against certain behavior such as:


  • Block traffic from sources with a bad reputation
  • SQL injection
  • Block behaviors considered attacks
  • Analyze user behavior
  • Establishment of blacklist and whitelist
  • Analysis of files sent to the web application


The internet landscape is changing rapidly. It is imperative to invest in quality web hosting allowing the establishment of a WAF Firewall in order to protect yourself effectively.

This is why Rang hosting provides you with a WAF Firewall in each web hosting package. The same goes for the security of visitors to your websites.

You now know the importance of a WAF Firewall for your website. Feel free to share your opinion in comment