Emailing: 7 practices to respect for 2020


Emails are incredibly powerful. They must be part of your 2020 digital strategy. Did you know that a third of customers have visited a website or bought something after receiving a message in their inbox?

Set a course for good practices to follow in order to get your emailing strategy off the ground in 2020!

Instantly usable content

Put glitter in the life of your prospects and this, immediately! After opening your email, recipients expect you to respond to an urgent need. They won’t remember your message later … you have to click them when they open to convert them.

To do this, bet on content such as:

  • A promotional offer in place
  • Helpful advice right now
  • Entertainment: video, joke, gif…

The email is not suitable for long content. Generally, your client or prospect spends less than 2 minutes reading. On the other hand, if you want to promote a white paper, a thematic file on your blog or a webinar, you can do it in your email … provided you send it at a time when the recipient is fully available! That is to say on weekends, evenings or during lunch breaks.

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Judicious use of data

This advice seems obvious, but sometimes you spam without realizing it.

Mail can appear spam depending on several parameters:

  • Irrelevant content
  • Aggressive subject line
  • False promise
  • Too high sending frequency

However, the major characteristic of spam is to receive unwanted information. Beware of how you collect and communicate with your subscribers to avoid spam traps.

Clearly inform your subscribers about the type of emails they will receive and the frequency. If you intend to use their data to offer them commercial offers, they must know this … In addition to being a legal obligation, it is guaranteed to maintain a good opening and click rate!

Increase the relevance of emails thanks to AI

It’s no secret that when internet users receive relevant emails, they open them and interact with them. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in! This technology is revolutionizing businesses and can also help you with your emailing strategy.

By using AI-supported platforms, you will have the opportunity to better segment your mailing lists and develop more personalized messages. These tools can also deliver the right content at the right time.

Ultimately, emails using artificial intelligence strengthen the bond between you and your (potential) customers.

Generosity above all!

Each of your emails must have value for your audience. Before pressing the “send” button, ask yourself this question: what does this email bring to my customers?

It can be: gifts, vouchers, a trial offer, free practical advice, training …

By being generous in your campaigns, your prospects will get used to your offers and click on each of your messages.

Smart planning

The best day and time to send your emails depends on your customers’ profiles. However, you can make educated guesses using published research.

For example, CoSchedule has collated studies from major email providers to conclude that the best time to send email is around 10 a.m. on Tuesday. Start there, then test and optimize from your own data.

Mobile friendly is not an option

75% of internet users read their emails on mobile devices. In addition, 70% of consumers say they delete messages that do not display well on these terminals.

Do we need to say more? If you want to optimize your emailing strategy in 2020, make sure that your emails are perfectly compatible with smartphones.

Manual and automated editorial planning

How often do you want to send your emails? If part of your campaigns are automated according to the actions of your users, you must reach your subscribers at least once a month.

To achieve this goal, also launch thoughtful mFanual campaigns. Use an editorial schedule that includes all the major events of the year to create targeted and unique campaigns. Your emails should also support your other marketing strategies and be inspired by your content, your social networks, your display operations, etc.

Email marketing will always be present and effective in 2020! The secret to your success lies in the automation, relevance, usefulness and humanization of your emails.

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