Why buy a .com domain name?

.com domain name

The .com domain name is a top level domain (TLD) that can be used for any type of website. With several million domain names registered, the .com extension is the most used on the Web and is well known around the world.

We will see together:

  • The availability of a .com domain name and its growth
  • Who can register a .com domain name
  • The purchase of a .com domain name: Ranghosting services included

Availability domain name .Com

.com domain name

The .com extension was created in 1985 and was originally reserved for business entities. Since the mid-1990s, the registration of a .com extension has not been subject to any activity or geographic restriction.

Today, the Verisign registry manages the .com extension. It was originally administered by the United States Department of Defense. As a result, the purchase of a .com domain name is done through a registrar. The host Ranghosting is part of the French registrars accredited by Verisign for the purchase of .com domain names

As of May 2019, more than 150 million .com domain names are registered worldwide according to the domainnamestat website. With a global market share of over 43%, the .com extension largely dominates all other extensions.

With more than 150 million registrations, the .com extension is very popular. Many domain names are already reserved. Do you want to buy a .com domain name for your website? Don’t wait any longer to buy your .com domain from our Ranghosting sales site.

The .com extension comes out on top.

Followed by the .net domain name which is also a top level domain and which comes in second position. In third position, we also find a national top level domain (ccTLD), the .de, reserved for Germany.

The .cn domain name comes in fourth position. It is also a national top-level domain that is reserved for China. Then in the Top 5, we have the domain name .tk which is also a national top level domain reserved for Tokelau. This fifth position may surprise, but this is explained by the fact that this domain name can be registered for free.

Who can register a .com domain name?

There are no restrictions on registering .com domain names. Indeed, regardless of the country in which you reside and the activity that you exercise, you can order a .com domain name


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What .com domain name?

When choosing your .com domain name, it is advisable to choose it carefully, in particular to avoid spelling errors! Indeed, your .com domain name represents your activity. For example, you can choose the .com domain name associated with your company name: your-company.com or even your-company-ville.com or any other name that makes you happy.

The registration of a .com domain name is also recommended in order to protect yourself from cybersquatting. If you already have a .fr domain name for your activity, for example, it is still recommended to register a .com domain name for your activity. You can then perform a web redirect simply so that your different domain names redirect to the same website.

You can also transfer an already existing domain to our services during the ordering process.

Ranghosting also offers an automatic renewal system. Convenient if you forget to renew your main domain so that it does not reach its expiration date. Just go to its customer area.

.Com domain name purchase: Ranghosting services included

Ranghosting likes to offer the best services to its customers. When you buy a .com domain name on our services, you will have access to many creation services.

DNS management. Manage the DNS servers and the DNS zone as desired directly from your Ranghosting client area.

Anonymous Whois. Benefit from anonymous GDPR-compliant Whois if you are an individual residing in the European Union.

SSL certificate. Take advantage of the Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate and activate it in a few clicks directly from your customer area.

Support English and French support 7 days a week made up of technicians to answer all your questions if necessary.

And in addition, you can also create as many subdomains as you wish.